is a pharmaceutical guide. What differentiates our guide from the rest: we provide the first-hand information. If reviews - then surely those are gained from the real customers. If you get an advice on medications - what we propose is only expert's opinion. If the tips on pharmacies - that information is drawn from a plenty of sources in order to bring an objective view on the delivered products, the reliability of the sites, the level of service and customer support.
What suppliers offer the best medications and prices, where to buy RX/POM drugs, what sites to avoid - these are the tips we plan to give you. This site will demonstrate that it is enough to figure out what network owns the store in order.

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Green list

This is the list of the most reliable suppliers of brand medications. They can offer high quality of drugs which have already earned the trust of the consumers.


Yellow list

You should take a closer look at this list of sites, as here we gathered mostly Indian suppliers. Due to a high trade turnover they can offer lower prices for medications which are generic.


Red list

We can't recommend you any shop listed here, as those are not trustworthy. These are based on the malicious software, have bad customer reviews, inappropriate content and work with mail spam.


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