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Natural Supplements 2015-09-10

In today's world sales of dietary supplements for health has been steadily increasing. This is due to the fact that many people think that taking these supplements, they can get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that are found in natural products. However, can they function as the real replacement of all the nutrients and vitamins?What are the benefits and can the dietary supplement cause harm? Let's face it.

How dietary supplements have become an industry of millions of dollars

The History of dietary supplement began in the 20s of XX century. One American man, Carl Rehnborg, who worked at that time in China was imprisoned, where many prisoners died from an unknown illness. Being a an ingenious person who understands the importance of the balance of the substances in the diet, he has assumed that the meager food which people have got in prison, is sorely lacking of micronutrients, especially iron, which leads to problems with blood. He began to add the shavings from rusty nails to food. As it turned out, Carl Rehnborg managed to save not only his live, but also the lives of those who followed his example. Later, after returning to America, he founded the first company to produce nutritional supplements "California Vitamins", which after 20 years has become one of the most famous brands of network marketing - Amway.
By the mid-90 dietary supplements have become a popular trend in the West, making a serious alternative to the pharmaceutical industry, and due to the effectiveness, are major staples of many network marketing companies. This indicates on a fact that in overall dietary supplements bring real benefits.
It did not fit the course of global supranational management and it was too late to struggle with this phenomenon through direct anti-advertising bans. Therefore, it was given a creative solution: pharmacists actively began to develop dietary supplements as a separate direction. So they have killed two birds with one stone: earned on the trend, and the dietary supplements themselves were sent to the same channel as the drugs - extracts and hoods instead of whole product in order to "treat" the symptoms instead of the causes. This does not mean that all the dietary supplements are bad, but in fact the majority of nutritional supplements in lieu of "food supplements" were the same drug, but with a lower concentration and the extent of action. The harm of this process can only be evaluated from the perspective of a healthy nutrition, as well as the aims of pharmaceutical business.
The idea to adding to imperfect food some missing substance is remarkable. Moreover, many manufacturers of dietary supplements try to allocate these substances from natural raw materials. However, there is one thing that not everyone understands: the naturalness of the product depends not only on raw materials. Fruits, vegetables and other plants in their original form have very complex balanced composition, ready for proper absorption by the body. The science defines and distinguishes the active substances which affect a particular problem / function of the body. Further these substances are packed and sold in pharmacies as a dietary supplement or a drug with a certain concentration.
Our sanity raises some questions:
Why are vitamins and minerals do not grow on the trees in the form of pellets, tablets or capsules, as according to scientific opinion it is the optimal form for us?
Why in the fruit or vegetables there are hundreds of other "unnecessary" compounds?
Why in plants there occur simultaneously both types of substances: activating and inhibiting the same function of the body?
It turns out, nature is stupid in terms of science? The logic is simple: once you start excrete a separate substance from the product, it ceases to be acquired and work the way it is laid down by nature. There appear problems of overdose, side effects and imbalances in the body. Hence appears the harm and negative consumer reviews after taking dietary supplements. Moreover, vitamin complexes often contain completely incompatible elements. Their use can pose a serious health hazard.
Vicious traditional approach is a consequence of the fact that the medicine treats the body as a collection of organs, not taking into account the properties of the whole system. Most specialists are of a narrow profile. Today, we treat the heart and we do not care about all the rest. Завтра от этого лечения заболит печень, Tomorrow, this heart treating damages the liver and it will be treated at other doctor. And so on around the circle.

What is the difference of natural products?

The consumption of the natural food with a variety of fruits and vegetables increases appetite due to of flavoring qualities. Dietary fiber and enzymes that the plant foods contain, help the digestive system to absorb the substance better. Only in complex content of the product can control the process. Natural products are also a source of necessary in the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Why "the right amount"? The fact that each piece of fruit or vegetable contains naturally balanced complex of substances which do not interfere with each other during processing in an organism. They are absorbed in this form as it is required by the body, and the excess is stocked or output. If you need today one carrot to get a dose of carotene, two or three carrots will not bring any harm. The body chooses what and how much he wants. Dietary supplements, on the contrary, require rigid and often difficult dosage regimens based on a number of factors and are risky for health if they are not assigned by a very skilled physician, who made previously a thorough investigation of your body.
Some products have adaptogenic properties that normalize the function of the body. For example, increase the pressure in hypotensive patients and lower in hypertensive patients. This demonstrates the ability of the body to choose the material according to needs, when they are present in the natural product. But from the perspective of pharmaceutics - this is complete nonsense: to release dietary supplements or medicine containing the opposite active ingredients.
Iron can be found in buckwheat, pomegranate, sour apples, beans, shellfish. It is necessary to transfer oxygen to all parts of the body through the red blood cells.
Potassium can be found in foods such as broccoli, potatoes, prunes, oranges, bananas, raisins, tomatoes. Potassium helps the nervous system and muscle function, and also helps to maintain a healthy balance of water in the blood and body tissues.
Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, can be found in lean meat chicken, tuna, salmon fish, turkey, peanuts, and some cereals. Niacin helps digestion and also plays a key role in converting food into energy. These are just some of the vitamins and minerals that can be found in your daily food. Therefore, there is no need to buy supplements if you eat sensibly.
Let's make the conclusion. The Dietary supplements of natural raw materials can benefit if you need to solve a local problem quickly. The course and dosage regimen must be assigned by a skilled doctor after the diagnostics and analysis. Any dietary supplements may be harmful in case of regular and improperly use. It is better to wary of proposals of nutritional supplements "for all occasions" from distributors of network companies, if they are not medical practitioners.
If you are experiencing a constant shortage of some substances, the best way - it is to understand in which natural foods these substances are present and adjust them to your daily diet. You can also eat super-helpful adaptogenic food.
According to specialists, health is 12% dependent on the level of health care, 18% - on genetic predisposition, and 70% - on the lifestyle, the most important part of which is nutrition.
Medical opinions, never differ by stability in general, throughout all of human history they were unanimous on one point: the worse the food, the more disease. Experts say that the human diet in our day should contain more than 600 different substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, not all can afford a balanced diet with all food nutrients. And then come to the aid of biologically active additives - Natural concentrates of natural substances extracted from food raw material of animal (including marine), mineral, vegetable, or obtained by chemical synthesis of substances that are identical to natural analogues.
The vast majority of them have various therapeutic properties when enters the body in the specified amounts, proportions and combinations. Main positive contrast to drugs is that Dietary supplements help the body to conduct self-tuning and eliminate disturbances, leading to the development of a disease. Dietary supplements do not work, instead of the regulatory systems of the body but eliminate the deficiency or excess of any of the compounds in the human body. The Usage of them allows you to consistently recover the body without causing damage to it, without destructive side effects which are typical for many medicines.
Dietary supplements are produced as medicinal forms in the form of salves, extracts, tinctures (by alcohol), infusions (without alcohol), creams, dry and liquid concentrates, syrups, tablets, powders etc.
Nutritional supplements should be distinguished from flavoring, color- and form-building supplements that do not make up for the nutrients in the body and are used to improve the taste, appearance and safety of food products.

There are different kinds of dietary supplements: nutraceuticals, parapharmaceutics, eubiotics.

Nutraceuticals - is irreplaceable nutrients (food components), such as vitamins or precursors thereof, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, individual amino acids, some mono- and disaccharides etc. Typically, these are natural food ingredients, but they cannot be stored in the body in needed amounts, so they always should be included to the diet.
Nutraceuticals are used to correct the chemical composition of the food. This is a kind of intermediate between food and medicine, which saturates the body with nutrients, but can not completely replace the meal. With the help of nutraceutical you can adjust the diet, improve the body, to prevent the development of the disease but can not cure the disease.

Parapharmaceuticals are used for prophylaxis, auxiliary therapy and maintenance of physiological limits of functional activity of organs and systems. These are organic components of food and medicinal plants, sea products and components of animal tissues. Typically, these are minor food ingredients, such as organic acids, bioflavonoids, caffeine, biogenic amines, regulatory di- and oligopeptides.
Parapharmaceutics daily dose or in the case of the composition of its active ingredient should not exceed single therapeutic dose identified for them as medicaments; we must take them at least two times a day.

Eubiotics are biologically active food supplements, which contain live microorganisms and (or) its metabolites, which have a normalizing effect on the structure and biological activity of microflora in the digestive tract. Being created on the basis of natural human intestinal microorganisms (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, etc..), they limit the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms and are used to normalize the composition and functioning of saprophytic intestinal microflora. These Dietary supplements have a great value in prevention and adjunctive therapy during widespread dysbacteriosis.

From these definitions, it follows that a clear distinction between the groups of nutritional supplements does not exsist, and this classification has no practical significance for the consumer. Although, on the labels, it is often indicated the belonging of of nutritional supplement to a particular group. But it won't be superfluous to find out whether a particular product has strong toxic components.

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