is a pharmaceutical guide. What differentiates our guide from the rest: we provide the first-hand information. If reviews - then surely those are gained from the real customers. If you get an advice on medications - what we propose is only expert's opinion. If the tips on pharmacies - that information is drawn from a plenty of sources in order to bring an objective view on the delivered products, the reliability of the sites, the level of service and customer support.
What suppliers offer the best medications and prices, where to buy RX/POM drugs, what sites to avoid - these are the tips we plan to give you. This site will demonstrate that it is enough to figure out what network owns the store in order.

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What are we for?

Everyone has own preferences. It is really hard to satisfy all the needs of even one person. Tastes as well as the needs differ a lot. For example, among all the shops around your neighborhood you know the one where it's better to buy dairy products to your opinion, the other one shop sells the most delicious sausages, and you buy bread only near the baker's house... You visit one and the same dentist during last 10 years. You buy the diapers for your baby always of the same brand or production. You trust only one bank and drive your car to the only tire service you choose most of the time. But why? It's simple, you've got your own preferences, dear.

Same thing with your own black-list of places, products and services. There may be a company, producing furniture of a poor quality, barber who does not know what haircut he will manage to succeed, a publishing house creating the books with typos in the title. Surely, after having experience with these unfair, from your point of view, producers, companies etc you share all the impressions with your friends and fellows.

And have you tried to talk about these cases on the Net? Leave comments and give feedbacks about the company or its product to alert as many potential customers as you can? Don't you think your experience will be useful to many people ever after? is a website, where each user can post own comments on products after its usage, carry out a comparison of several commodities, get acquainted with the comparative characteristic of other users, give an average rating of service, to evaluate the range of attractive special offers from the pharmacies, to speak about customer support, tell about the delivery etc. Share seen pluses and minuses of various pharmaceutical online stores.

Our site allows visitors to select a specific type of product in good pharmacy with qualified service, based on previous experiences of other buyers. In order not to make harm to your health and not to waste money we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possible nuances of using one or the other online pharmacies, before you place the order.

We hope to enhance the confidence of customers to our website, allowing users to see the real picture of the situation on pharmaceutical market. Moreover, we believe that our and your activity will make companies to amend the quality of their service and manufacturers - to improve products.

Our whole life comes through making decisions. We are here to make your life easier, helping you to make up your mind. When the visitor knows enough of pros and cons, he or she won't waste the time which is priceless but will make the right choice of drugs to buy. wants to shout out to a lot of pharmaceutical companies: Conduct your business openly and remember that the customers are not less powerful, as now they have a place to be heard! Also we are obliged to remind all the Internet users: there are always two sides of the coin, the main thing is to choose the right one, preferable for you.

Statistics shows that mostly, during any discussions people behave on the principle called 1: 10: 100. This means that out of hundred people only one behaves active and starts the dialogue. Ten people are ready to support the dialogue and to answer, but are not ready to start it. The remaining 89 people are reading and watching in silence. So do not hesitate to be the first man to give your feedback, let's break down the statistics! Do not be afraid to be heard, because it will benefit not only you in result. Thereby you help people, reducing the risk to consume products which are of a bad quality or to get service which cannot satisfy someone's needs.

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test ***@google.com2015-08-13 09:22:45Statistics shows that mostly, during any discussions people behave on the principle called 1: 10: 100. This means that out of hundred people only one behaves active and starts the dialogue. Ten people are ready to support the dialogue and to answer